Refrigerator Repair

Does your Refrigerator need repair?

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Repair of Refrigerator

You can stand a few days without air conditioning; you might even be able to last without a washing machine, but there’s no way you can hope to live comfortably with a broken refrigerator

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A broken refrigerator not only means expenses to get it fixed, it could also potentially cause the food inside it to go bad, and cost even more to replace. Speed and efficiency are the keys to avoiding this double-whammy, which means you’re in luck because you’re looking at the best when it comes to fast refrigerator service in your City. Home Solution Point teams of professional technicians have all the necessary knowledge, as well as years of experience in dealing with refrigerator issues.

What types of refrigerator issues do customers call Home Solution Point

  • Fridge is leaking water
  • Fridge ice maker stopped working
  • Warm fridge temperature / Non-cooling fridge
  • Fridge is making irregular noises during operation / Fridge is noisy
  • Fridge error code won’t go away

It could be that your fridge has a buildup of dust or debris, and may only require a thorough cleaning. Sometimes, however, the issue is more complicated, and involves the refrigerator motor or compressor – which could be a labor-intensive repair. What makes The Appliance Pros stand out that is our  Expert Technicians work on flat labor rates, so they can they can tell you exactly how much the repair is going to cost.

Always On Time to Repair Your Appliances

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